Research papers on safety and efficiency of irradiation

Medical Devices
Trends in Radiation Sterilization of Health Care Products
Red Meat
Irradiation of red meat. A compilation of technical data (IAEA)
Irradiation of poultry meat and its products (IAEA)
Irradiation of fish, shellfish and frog legs (IAEA)
Fruits and Vegetables
Irradiation as a phytosanitary treatment of food and agricultural commodities (IAEA)
Radiation disinfestation of grain
Irradiation of spices, herbs and other vegetable seasonings
Animal Feed
Decontamination of animal feed by irradiation
Animal Feed
Nonconventional dry roughages are also used for the feeding of animals
IAEA Safety Standards
IAEA "Safety Standards for protecting people and environment" 2006
Food Irradiation
"Ground beef: It's what's for dinner! Food irradiation". 2015