Substitution of Co-60 with Electron Accelerator
Beamcomplex performs a smooth transition from Co-60 sources to electron accelerators in existing gamma radiation centers.

Beamcomplex electron accelerators are available in two models:
- Electron accelerator with an energy of 5 MeV and a power of 50 kW, which is equal to 330 kCi in gamma ray energy equivalents.
- Electron accelerator with an energy of 5 MeV and a power of 100 kW, which is equal to 660 kCi in gamma ray energy equivalents.

Electron accelerators may have either vertical or horizontal output device which emits X-Rays.


Within the process of step-by-step transition from Co-60 to an electron accelerator, Beamcomplex engineers study the customer's site and the possibility of using the existing infrastructure systems:
- the existing bunker and thickness of its walls,
- type of the existing conveyor system,
- electrical power supply,
- ozone exhaust system,
- radiation control systems, etc.

Based on the findings, Beamcomplex engineers work out the project on electron accelerator installation considering the required infrastructure changes (installation of a new conveyor system, construction of a new bunker, or using the existing one and manufacturing of additional parts of the labyrinth-type bunker for continuous supply of products on the conveyor system).

Options of Electron Accelerator Installation

1) The electron accelerator will be installed in the existing bunker when Co-60 isotopes are spent and disposed.

2) The electron accelerator will be installed in the existing bunker where Co-60 source is installed underwater.

3) The electron accelerator will be installed in a new bunker built adjacent to an existing Cobalt-60 bunker.
Beamcomplex engineers may propose to make a window between the existing bunker and the bunker where an electron accelerator is installed when Co-60 isotopes are spent. If this is the case, X-Ray beams of the electron accelerator are directed to the old bunker where Co-60 source was installed.

When executing the project, the scope of work includes:
1. Delivery of the electron accelerator and all necessary additional equipment.
2. Construction of a new radiation bunker or upgrade of the existing one.
3. Coneyor system mounting
4. Mounting of electron accelerator's cooling system
5. Mouning of radiation control system.
6. Installation of the electron accelerator and pre-commissioning.
7. Training of the customer's personnel how to operate the electron accelerator.
8. Commissioning of the facility with the electron accelerator.

With the option of an electron accelerator installed in a new bunker, trained personnel can proceed immediately to irradiate product in parallel using the electron accelerator and continuing to irradiate products with Co-60. Once the Co-60 irradiator are removed, trained personnel having experience in operating on the electron accelerator will continue to work only with the electron accelerator. Thus, there will be a smooth transition from Co-60 to the electron accelerator for product processing.
Option of electron accelerator installation at co-60 facility
1. Electron Accelerator
2. Electron Accelerator
3. Bunker with Cobalt-60
Beamcomplex electron accelerators are equipped with an output device that enables either vertical or horizontal processing of boxed and palletized products.
Boxed Product - Vertical Treatment
Boxed Products - Horizontal Treatment
Palletized Product Treatment
  • Smooth transition from Co-60 to Beamcomplex electron accelerator owing to prior installation of the electron accelerator and its radiation shield.
  • Smooth transition from Co-60 to Beamcomplex electron accelerator ensures nonstop process of the product treatment, which helps retain customers and eliminate the risk of financial losses.
  • Electron accelerators consume electrical energy only during product irradiation.
  • No need to spend much funds on new Co-60 isotopes to replace the spent ones every 5 years. No need to pay for compicated process of Co-60 replacement and disposal.
  • Low operating costs for consumable materials, excluding electricity costs:
    approx. USD 10k per year for the electron accelerator.
  • Co-60 prices increase faster vs. electrical energy costs.
  • The best DUR coefficient in a product is achieved owing to the high focusing of radiation beam.
  • Electron accelerator enables operations in two modes: X-Ray mode enables treatment of products of any thickness, while E-beam mode enables treatment at high speed and high productivity.
  • Beamcomplex electron accelerators may be powered from self-contained power sources.
  • Beamcomplex electron accelerator models we use have proved to be effective for over 30 years.