Stationary Complexes
Are ready-to-use sets of 4 modules for quick installion directly on site - in logistic centers, storage terminals, sterilization centers, medical production facilities, etc. They process finished products at the place of storage/production.

The stationary complexes are used for phytosanitary processing of food products, pre-sowing seeds treatment, sterilization of food packaging/medical products/cosmetics, polymer crosslinking, drinking water disinfection and much more.

Photo: The stationary complex in local radiation shield with electron accelerator. The complex is installed inside the production facility.
Mobile Complexes
Can be freely transported between facilities for processing products. It can process grain at elevators, carry out pre-sowing treatment of seeds at various facilities, sterilize and purify drinking water at contaminated drinking sources, etc. Due to mobility, it can be easily used in emergency situations.