• Ready-to-install system
    • Electron accelerator;
    • Radiation shield body;
    • Built-in pipeline system for supplying wastewater under electron beam;
    • Cooling system;
    • Ozone exhaust system;
    • Fire safety system;
    • Radiation monitoring system;
    • Control system;
    • Other supporting system

  • Power consumption
    Electric power consumption: 100 to 450 kW/hour depending on the power rating of an electron accelerator and module's required capacity.
  • Installation
    The module may be installed directly at wastewater treatment facilities (municipal, agricultural or industrial), and can be integrated with existing wastewater treatment system without shutting down the process.
  • Compact Size
    Maximum dimensions
    • 6m x 2.2m x 4m (metal shield)
    • 8m x 6.5m x 6m (concrete shield)

  • Safety
    • Module is equipped with radiation dose sensors
    • Metal or concrete body ensures complete protection of employees from radiation
  • Capacity
    Module's capacity starts from 100 CBM per hour and may be above 1000 CBM per hour. It depends on contamination and composition of contaminants in wastewater, as well as the model of the electron accelerator installed in the module.

Electron accelerator:
energy 5 MeV, power from 50 kW to 100 kW, operates in E-beam mode.

Built-in pipeline system: supplies wastewater for treatment into the ionizing irradiation area under electron beams..

Radiation shield: depending on the installation area and technical requirements of the customer, different materials may be used for radiation shield: concrete or metal.

Ozone exhaust system
: depends on the module's capacity.

Emergency shutdown system:
in case of any accident, the electron accelerator will be switched off automatically.

Fire safety system: triggers in emergency situations. In case of emergency, the electron accelerator is switched off and the fire extinguishing system is switched on, in automatic or manual mode

Control system:
dosimetry, conveyor speed control, electron accelerator control, fire extinguishing, cooling, ventilation and emergency shutdown of the accelerator.