The overpopulation of the Earth, the chaotic spread of viral diseases, the uncontrolled migration of people around the world - all these factors contribute to the lightning-fast spread of epidemics that span the entire planet.

Proper treatment of materials that have been in contact with patients is an important aspect to stop the epidemic. Hospitals, hotels and other public places need to sanitize anything that could cause infection.

BeamComplex has developed a compact system that allows to eliminate the consequences of epidemics effectively. The module is ready-to-install and easy-to-move system which can be installed anywhere within the shortest period of time.

Equipment includes: electron-beam accelerator, radiation shield, integrated conveyor system, radiation control system and cooling system with ozone ventilation.

It is ready to move to any place convenient for the emergency consequences eliminations. The module can be placed at airports, ports, train stations and in other required locations.

The module has been designed to be installed in areas of armed conflicts and the deployment of troops.
Sterilization of contaminated things, materials and substances with accelerated electrons and X-rays in the required doses for the complete destruction of all possible pathogens and viruses.
Mobile Module

How long the new coronavirus can live on a soft surface — and more importantly, how easy or hard it is to spread this way — isn't clear yet, but for other viruses this range is from several hours to several months.

That is why things that had contact with patients need to be properly treated

Module has been designed for the complete sterilization of materials that were in contact with infected people, as well as caretakers
Let us join hands and work together!
The coronavirus epidemic has affected all corners of the world. In every country, doctors fight the virus in hospitals, and scientists are developing vaccines and researching the scientific side of the issue to get a better solution.

To cope with the epidemic, all countries and professionals need to unite. Only together we can overcome the virus, as well as prepare for other, more serious epidemics.

Creating conditions at an early stage to fight against epidemics is the key to stopping the spread of the disease in time. The first condition is the study of the virus, which will allow us to learn how to cope with the epidemic. The second condition is technical equipment to cope with the epidemic.
Sealed bags with cloths from infected people

The module has been designed for complete sterilization of materials and things that were in contact with infected people, as well as caretakers.
To stop the spread of the virus, you must properly treat things that were in contact with sick people.
The technology of ionizing radiation allows doing this. The electron accelerator accelerates electrons to the speed of light. Electrons penetrate the material, destroy the DNA of pathogens and viruses. The result of treatment with ionizing radiation will be a complete sterilization of materials.

The ionizing radiation technology is completely safe, the module shielding provides radiation protection, and there is no residual radiation in sterilized things and materials. Also, during processing, the structure and temperature of the materials do not change.

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