Mobile module
Beamcomplex has designed a mobile complex with an electron accelerator for processing the soil of agricultural land with X-rays in order to destroy insects, parasites, their larvae and eggs, such as nematodes, Colorado potato beetles, etc.
The electron accelerator module is mounted on a trailer attached to a tractor operating in a radio-controlled mode. The electron accelerator sends X-rays through a hole in the floor of the trailer and the X-rays treat the soil. Thus, moving across the field, X-rays, penetrating the ground to a depth of 1 m, destroy pests.

The speed of movement of the module depends on the level of soil contamination. Radiation protection of the module in the operating mode ensures the safe presence of people near the module at a distance of at least 5-10 m.

The module is turned on and off remotely and operates from an autonomous power source (diesel, gas or gasoline generator with a capacity of 80 kW/h).
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