The electron accelerator, located in the radiation module, generates and accelerates electrons, converting them into ionizing radiation (X-ray). Ionizing radiation (X-ray) affects the entire depth of the product and destroys the DNA of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, parasites and insects. X-ray processing ensures product sterility or a reduction in the number of pathogenic microorganisms to permitted levels.

• Processes large-sized products on pallets in X-ray mode.
• Provides processing and sterilization to the entire depth of the product.

Electron accelerator:
energy 5 MeV, power from 50 kW to 100 kW, operates in E-beam mode.

Built-in conveyor system: moves pallets into the ionizing radiation area.

Radiation shield: Depending on the installation area and technical requirements of the customer, different materials may be used for radiation shield: concrete or metal.

Ozone exhaust system: there are two possible options for removal of ozone: 1. an exhaust system to discharge ozone into the atmosphere where it will decompose within minutes, and 2. ozone decomposition process with catalysts.

Emergency shutdown system: in case of any accident, the electron accelerator will be switched off automatically.

Fire safety system: triggers in emergency situations. In case of emergency, the electron accelerator is switched off and the fire extinguishing system is switched on, in automatic or manual mode

Control system:
dosimetry, conveyor speed control, electron accelerator control, fire extinguishing, cooling, ventilation and emergency shutdown of the accelerator.

  • Ready-to-install system
    • Electron accelerator;
    • Radiation shield body;
    • Conveyor system for moving pallets into ionizing radiation area;
    • Cooling system;
    • Ozone exhaust system;
    • Fire safety system;
    • Radiation monitoring system;
    • Control system;
    • Other supporting systems

  • Power consumption
    Electric power consumption up to 450kW/hr depending on the power rating of an electron accelerator and module's required capacity.
  • Installation
    The module can be installed directly at facilities - enterprises or ports - where treatment is required.
  • Compact Size
    Maximum dimensions
    • 6m x 2.2m x 4m (metal shield)
    • 8m x 6.5m x 6m (concrete shield)

  • Safety
    • Module is equipped with radiation dose sensors
    • Metal or concrete body ensures complete protection of employees from radiation
  • Capacity
    Module's capacity depends on the type of treated products and the power of the accelerator that has been selected.
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Advantages of Using Modules at Enterprises
  • Extension of storage periods
  • Product quality guarantee
  • Prevention of financial losses due to lack of claims on product quality
  • Profit increase due to extended shelf life and increase in sale
  • Reduced costs as there is no need to dispose unsold products
  • Opportunity to expand sales markets and increase export volumes
  • Opportunity to independently control the processing of products
  • Processing at any convenient time without compromising the entire production process
  • Independence from enterprises that process your products
  • You may render services on processing of third-party products
  • No transportation costs to deliver products to third-party sterilization complexes
  • Heat of the electron-beam accelerator cooling system may be used to heat all production facilities of the enterprise
  • The module may be used at night at a reduced rate
  • The module is built into the conveyor system of the enterprise
  • Installation of the module does not require a production shutdown
Advantages of Ionizing Radiation Treatment
  • Destruction of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Expanding sales markets and increasing export volumes
  • Complete disinsection (fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, dried fruits, feed, etc.)
  • Reducing the amount of hormones and antibiotics (artificially grown seafood, fish, meat, poultry)
  • You may process products in a sealed package to avoid the risk of recontamination (meat, poultry, fish, seafood, etc.)
  • Suspension of maturation and germination processes (fruits, vegetables)
  • Preservation of organoleptic properties
  • Preservation of molecular and cellular structures, and vitamins
  • The weight of products is not reduced during the entire storage period
  • Products may be used immediately after treatment
  • No residual radiation