Sterilization of cosmetic and bodycare product packaging, especially for kids, is one of the most important safety factors.

There are two options for sterilizing cosmetic products:

1. Packaging sterilization prior to filling;
2. Sterilization of a packed product after filling.

Ionizing Radiation Technology

Electron accelerators use high energy of electrons and X-Rays as a method for treatment of materials and products for a variety of purposes, including sterilization.

Electron accelerator generates and accelerates electrons that pass through materials and products affecting microorganisms and chemical compounds. Electron beam treatment of materials and products is considered to be environmentally friendly since it uses only electricity.

Beamcomplex has developed a unique compact complex with an electron accelerator. Sterilization is performed by accelerated electrons.

- The sterilization complex may be installed in the warehouse, where packages (bottles, tubes, jars for cosmetics) are stored.

- The sterilization complex may be installed directly in the production shop where Beamcomplex conveyor is connected to the production conveyor. Immediately after sterilization, Beamcomplex conveyor moves packaging to be filled with different liquids (cream, gel, etc.) to the production conveyor.
  • X-Ray sterilization guarantees sterility and ensures its safety
  • The unique sterilization technology for packed and sealed products
  • No heating of contents during sterilization process
  • Complete sterility of inner and outer surface of treated packaging
  • Material and content molecular structure, as well as its chemical and physical properties are not affected
  • There's no residual radiation in irradiated products when treated by Beamcomplex electron accelerators, since we use electron accelerators with the energy up to 5 MeV
  • Sterilization by electron accelerators ensures safe filling and storing of cosmetic products in the sterilized containers, and eliminates recontamination

Module for sterilization of palletized products
  • Sterilization of products on a pallet itself;
  • No need for stuffing and destuffing operations before and after sterilization. The pallet can be unloaded and loaded;
  • No repeat contamination since the product is the packaging material is tightly packed and sealed on the pallet.

Module for sterilization of products packed in cartons
  • Possibility of sterilization in cartons with dimensions up to 1100mm х 500mm х 500mm;
  • Options to choose between X-Ray and E-Beam modes;
  • High throughput;
  • Low cost of treatment (when using E-Beam mode for treatment of products with height up to 50 mm).