Irradiation of fish and seafood
The world now produces more than 155 million tonnes of seafood each year. About one third of all fish landed gets spoiled before it can be consumed.

There are many factors that can influence the quality of aquatic products such as species, travelling time from fishing ground to port, diet effects, parasites, pollution effects, etc.

Processing food with ionizing radiation aims at shelf life extension, as well as elimination of pathogens of public heath significance.
As per the data from WHO, 10 out of 32 enteric diseases are caused by helminths.

Ionizing radiation technology

Irradiation by electron accelerators uses high energy of electrons and X-rays to eliminate pathogens, bacteria, helminths.

Working principle of electron accelerator: Electron accelerator generates and accelerators electron to the speed of light. These electrons penetrate the product, and induce breaks in the DNA of pathogens.

The temperature of irradiated seafood can vary from -32°C to +4°C. The products can be treated in any kind of packaging.

Results of seafood irradiation
The reduction of pathogens helps to improve food safety and reduce production losses.

Ionizing radiation is the only technology which allows treatment of packed products thus eliminating chances of repeat contamination and increasing shelf life. Shelf life extension enables sales growth and market expansion.

After treatment with ionizing radiation, the cellular and molecular structure seafood is not affected. Nutritional elements (vitamins, proteins, fats, amino acids) are retained for the entire duration of shelf life.

In case of aquaculture production of seafood fish feed includes antibiotics and sometimes hormones. Ionizing radiation is the only technology that can reduce content of antibiotics and hormones in the product.

There is no residual radiation in the product after treatment and products are completely safe for consumption.
Treatment costs:
Treatment costs depend on the electricity prices. The module consumes 450 kW/h of energy. An hourly throughput for treatment of seafood is equal to 100 MT (with a layer up to 50mm), and for treatment palletized products - up to 6 MT.
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