The process of ground meat production might carry a risk of contamination with bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, etc, which can cause foodborne illnesses outbreaks. According to the World Health Organization, In 2019 food agents caused diarrheal diseases and the subsequent death of 230,000 people, especially from the Atypical Salmonella Enterica (NTS).
Ionizing radiation is a green technology for decontamination treatment of meat products. Electron beams and X-Rays completely eliminate all types of pathogens, ensure food quality and safety, as well as extend its shelf life.

Treatment technology by ionizing radiation (Electron beam and X-Ray)

Irradiation by electron accelerators uses high energy of electrons and X-rays to induce breaks in DNA of pathogens, and thus kill them.

The temperature of irradiated meat products can vary from -32°C to +5°C. The products can be treated in any kind of packaging.
Results of ground meat irradiation
The reduction of pathogenic micro-organisms helps to improve food safety and reduce production losses.

The only way to process products in a sealed packaging eliminates the possibility of re-seeding and increases shelf life.

After treatment with ionizing radiation, the cellular and molecular structure of ground meat does not change. micro and macro nutrients (vitamins, proteins, fats, amino acids) and minerals are retained.

The feed of farm raised animals might include antibiotics or hormones, and ionizing radiation treatment is the only technology that partially reduces the content of antibiotics and hormones in the product.

No residual radiation in the treated product . Numerous studies prove the safety of products after processing.
Irradiation of beef semi-carcasses
The deep layer of beef is generally not contaminated by pathogens. Contamination is possible at the places of hide or innards removal.

An electron beam module is used for irradiation of beef carcasses to treat the upper layer of the product.
Decontamination treatment is done at the depth of 30 mm.
Throughput: from 10 and over 300 carcasses per hour.
Treatment costing:
Treatment costs depend on the electricity prices. The module consumes 450 kW/h of energy. An hourly throughput for treatment of ground beef is equal to 120 MT (with a layer up to 50mm), for treatment of carcasses - up to 100 pcs, and for treatment of meat palletized products - up to 6 MT.
Module for irradiation of palletized products
Universal module
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