It is well known that one of the major challenges for the agriculture sector is to preserve the grain harvest from being destroyed by insects. Apart from pest control measures in fields, it is crucial to adopt strong measures of pest control in grain storage facilities. In the process of crop harvesting, insects get into the elevators along with grains, grass and topsoil, and its population destroys 5-10% of crops worldwide, and even up to 50% in countries with hot climates. Improper storage of grains can cause their contamination with pathogens and mycotoxins.

Irradiation is a high potential treatment method for insect elimination and mycotoxin reduction in grains, such as wheat, rice, legumes, corn, soy, lentils, rye, as well as animal feed.

Ionizing radiation technology

Irradiation by electron accelerators uses high energy of electrons and X-rays to eliminate pathogens, bacteria, insects/pests.

Working principle of electron accelerator: Electron accelerator generates and accelerators electron to the speed of light. These electrons penetrate the product, and induce breaks in the DNA of pathogens.

Grain irradiation ensures full elimination of pests, and can successfully replace fumigation. This type of treatment is effective in difficult contamination cases of grain with insects, as well as fungi, bacteria, viruses, moulds that appear due to unfavourable climatic conditions.

Ionizing radiation treatment is particularly needed in countries with high temperatures and high humidity conditions
Results of grain irradiation
Irradiation of grain positively affects the quality of products and ensures its safety.

Electron beam treatment of grain eliminates insects and their larvae, pathogens, as well as reduces the content of mycotoxins.

Cellular and molecular structure of grain is not affected by ionizing radiation. All nutrients and vitamins are retained for the entire product shelf life.

Irradiation doesn't cause free radicals occurrence in grain molecules.

No residual radiation in treated products. Numerous studies prove the safety of irradiated foods consumption.

BeamComplex modules for grain processing

Beamcomplex has developed a unique compact module, a ready to install system for grains irradiation treatment to ensure safe storage and extend shelf life.

Ready to be installed at grain elevators or directly at ports for processing all types of grain crops (wheat, soy, corn, rice, legumes , etc. ) with ionizing radiation. Installation and commissioning do not require a production halt.

A module consists of: an electron accelerator, radiation shield , inbuilt conveyor system, control and radiation monitoring system, cooling, and ozone exhaust system.

Depending on a required capacity a module can be equipped with a suitable model of electron accelerator. The parameters of a module depend on the model of the electron accelerator and vary up to the following parameters:
Capacity: up to 750 MT/hr
Power consumption: up to 450 kW/hr
Diameter of treated grains: up to 20 mm

Module's placement at a terminal
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